JUNE 2021

Engineering: Plasma I Language Acquisition: TEFL I QS: Current Urban Living Challenges I Education: IR.4.0 I Business : Globalisation and its Challenges I Engineering: Water, Environment and Waste Water Management I Business : Innovations in E-commerce I Engineering: Fablab Symposium I Engineering: Utilisation of Natural Fibre

FabLab Symposium 9 Jun.pdf
Innovation in E commerce 26 June.pdf
FOBCAL-17 June 21- Poster (1).pdf
ITIS Cluster - Online Symposium 30 June 2021.pdf
FEQS Implication of Urban Land Use and Economic Development during COVID-19 2.pdf
COLAL TEFL to Reluctant Learners.pdf
FEQS Virtual Symposium Series 9.pdf